Kangaroo Jack 2003

Kangaroo Jack (2003) คนซ่าส์ล่าจิงโจ้แสบ

Kangaroo Jack In 1982 Brooklyn, the boy Charlie Carbone is about to become the stepson of a crime boss known as Salvatore Maggio. Frankie Lombardo, the mobster’s apprentice, is trying to drown Charlie. But Louis Booker, a boy helps him, and they form a close bond.

Charlie has his own salon, twenty years after. Sal’s henchmen make up 80% of the salon’s profits but barely enough to pay for maintenance. After they fail at the task of hiding some stolen TVs, Sal gives Charlie and Louis an opportunity to try again. Frankie gives them instructions to deliver the package in Coober Pedy as well as Australia. Frankie also warns them to not open the package, and also provides the pair with Mr. Smith’s phone number. Sal had cancelled their return flight in the dark, but they were unaware of it. Louis opens the package on the plane and finds $50,000.

When they arrive upon landing in Australia, Charlie and Louis rent a car and head to Coober Pedy. While driving, they accidentally run over a red Kangaroo. Louis believes it’s dead and put his sunglasses and jacket on the kangaroo. He then poses for photographs as a joke, saying the kangaroo looks like one of Sal’s his henchmen. The kangaroo suddenly wakes up and kicks Charlie. He then hops off with the jacket worth $50,000. Charlie and Louis chase the kangaroo, however, they crash into the car , and it escapes them. Kangaroo Jack HD

In a pub located in Alice Springs, Louis is able to contact Mr. Smith and tries to describe their situation. Mr. Smith, however, believes they have stolen his parcel and threatens to murder Louis as well as Charlie. After returning to New York, Sal gets the call from Mr. Smith complaining that Charlie and Louis haven’t arrived; Sal then sends Frankie and a group of henchmen off to Australia to look into the matter. In the meantime, Charlie and Louis attempt to get the money back from the kangaroo by shooting it using an air-borne tranquilizer. The attempt is unsuccessful when Louis accidentally shoots Blue the pilot and the two are stranded in the desert. They spend hours wandering through the desert during which Charlie is hypnotized into seeing a jeep and soon they encounter an American woman who is named Jessie who is from the Outback Wildlife Foundation.

The three went after the kangaroo and Todd River to try to catch it again with Bolas. But, Louis fails to capture the kangaroo after the ants crawled into his pants. Charlie starts to feel for Jessie while waiting for another chance to catch the kangaroo. Soon the Mr. Smith and his henchmen arrive to take the trio captive. Charlie and Louis are able to outwit them, but find Frankie has located them and is ready to take them down. The kangaroo appears and triggers the fist fight between Mr. Smith’s henchmen as well as Frankie’s men, who outdo them. The distraction allows Charlie, Louis and Jessie to escape. A final chase ensues, as the trio chase after the kangaroo while being pursued by Frankie and his gang of goons. Louis finally manages to retrieve the money from the kangaroo, but he nearly falls off a cliff and is saved only by Charlie. Charlie attempts to give the money to Frankie however, the latter is furious and admits that Sal had sent them to Australia to pay for their own death at the hands of Mr. Smith. An undercover cop disguised as an Outback guide arrives at Frankie and Mr. Smith’s home to detain the pair. Charlie returns Louis his jacket from the Kangaroo.

Charlie and Jessie got married a year later. They used Sal’s $50,000 to create a new line of products for hair care featuring a kangaroo logo. Frankie and Mr. Smith, and their men were sentenced to life imprisonment as punishments that Sal had also failed at getting around. The Outback also exposes that the kangaroo now known as “Kangaroo Jack”. Now able to speak again, Jack breaks the fourth wall, explaining the reason why the film should conclude with him. He then concludes the film by reciting Porky Pig’s famous slogan “That’s all, blokes!”

Kangaroo Jack In 1982 Brooklyn, the boy Charlie Carbone…

Kangaroo Jack In 1982 Brooklyn, the boy Charlie Carbone…