Cupid The winged and chubby god of romance that shows up in Valentine’s Day greeting cards is believed to be a mythological being. However, the adorable little man has an extensive and complicated his story. He is the younger brother of Venus Goddess of Beauty and love.

Based on a legend, Venus was jealous of mortal Psyche. She fooled Psyche into falling in love with Cupid. His arrows inflicted on her passion that was uncontrollable.


Cupid is often referred to as the god of love and lust, but his origins go back to ancient Greek mythology. He originally was known as Eros. It was believed that the Romans adapt him to their pantheon to be a part of the evolution of love in Europe. Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty, was his mom. Her father Mars who is also the Roman God of War. The name of his god is taken from Latin cupere that means “to wish.” The character is usually depicted in a threatening pose with weapons. Cupid is a child, sporting a tiny body and lethal weapons, symbolizes a paradox, expressing passion and conflict.

The earliest people also linked him with the pagan festival of Lupercalia which is a festival in February of fertility. This festival saw young men and women mingling on the street, while near-naked (cupids), chased the women throughout the city and cut them up with whip-like bows. Cupid was the main character of this event as his wings represented the fluttery, fickle characteristics of the love affair.

One of the most important aspects of Cupid’s mythology is the fact that he carries arrows. They can cause the love of anyone they came into contact with, and Cupid usually depicted by bows and arrows. These arrows are often decorated with the gold-colored tips that represent many aspects of attraction and love. The second type of arrow that he shoots lead-tipped, which represents the rage and pain of love that is not reciprocated.

Cupid is unique in that unlike other Greek and Roman gods, enjoyed a love affair with a man that concluded happily. The story of love between Cupid and Psyche is the basis of many fairy tales we know and cherish today.

A few modern-day scholars have wondered the existence of Cupid exists because his role is so ambiguous. It is also unclear who his parents are in that some legends claim that Venus and Mars were his parents, contrasting the ancient dichotomy between romantic love and sexual lust. Some, on the other on the other hand, believe Cupid was a primordial creation that was created sexually. Regardless, his presence has played a role in shaping our notions about love and lust throughout time.


Prior to the time that the Romans took on Cupid and made him their god of love he was known to the Greeks as Eros. He was the gorgeous god of erotic and sensual affection, and of attraction and affection. Eros was one of the Gods who originated, made asexually from the egg of the world, but his specific lineage was different according to different sources: he could be the daughter of Venus and Vulcan, Mars and Aphrodite, Iris and Zephyr, or Nyx and Erebus.

A majority of representations of Cupid portray him in nakedness. It’s believed to be because he represents the pure and innocent nature of love, as well as to illustrate that he has no need of coverings or masks in order to reveal his true self. He is also usually covered in diapers in order to represent the innocence of affection.

Cupid is often portrayed with the bow and arrow that can create love, or even to trigger jealousy. The arrows of Cupid can be described as being made from silver, gold, or lead. The lead arrows, which are usually being red in hue have been known to trigger the bitterness and pain. Gold and silver arrows are more likely to spur love.

In all stories, Cupid is portrayed as a mischievous matchmaker, often in the influence of His mother Venus (or Aphrodite depending on the story you are reading). In one account the woman was so unhappy with the mortal Psyche’s beauty that she ordered her son to seduce her into falling in love with a monster. However, Cupid became so enamored of Psyche her that she asked him to marry her. He was entrusted with the requirement that she never look upon his face. However, out in curiosity, she did that led him to quit.

The stories of Cupid or Psyche are the most commonly told, there are many more myths associated with him. Some stories are tragic, while others are humorous. Whichever the case, Cupid has a rich tradition. That’s why he’s the most popular symbol of love as well as Valentine’s Day.

What does it mean?

For many, Cupid symbolizes Valentine’s Day, but he is more than an innocent matchmaker. Cupid’s wings with bows, arrows and bows has been revered as an emblem of romantic love and platonic love. The story of his origins reveals a lot about how cultures have wrestled with the power and influence of love.

The persona of Cupid illustrates the ancient Greek and Roman views on beauty, love as well as sexual attraction. The character has gone both in and out of style in the midst of a debate about the pleasures and dangers of these passions. Most myths about Cupid describe him as an Aphrodite’s son or Venus as the goddess of love and beauty. The Renaissance period, with its revival of interest in ancient philosophy brought him a number of complex allegoric significances.

Cupid descends from Venus and Mars gods, who are the gods of love and war respectively. He gains insights into his place in the world of gods. The eros of his mother (passion) and father’s passion and violence grant Cupid powerful, and often terrifying powers over the world of love and passion.

In the story of one, Venus becomes jealous of the mortal Psyche whom she finds stunning enough that people begin to adore her instead of her. The son of her mother, Eros, or Cupid will help. But, Cupid is smitten with Psyche himself and disobeys his mother’s directives. He proposes to her, under the condition that she does not see his face.

The flying Cupid is typically depicted in blindfolds to symbolize the erratic nature of the love affair. Cupid must take care when it comes to choosing whom to love and what he does by using his powers. Arrows from his arrows could arouse people’s desire, and sometimes even gods. Ancient Greeks believed that love could be dangerous to both mortals as well as gods. Additionally, bows may be crafted from gold to symbolize the sweetness of love. Because of this, Cupid is sometimes portrayed as a baby, showing how innocent love can be. This infant image is employed to emphasize how love should be treated with care and respect.


Cupid is a long-standing character from mythology. nowadays, we frequently think of him in connection with Valentine’s Day and love. It is often depicted in the form of in a winged infant carrying an arrow and a bow. There is no clear meaning to what the name means, but may be connected to cupere, which means love or affection in Latin.

In early Roman mythology, Cupid is the name given to Cupid, who was the goddess Venus as well as the god Mercury as messenger to the gods. Also, he is considered to be as the Roman cousin to the Greek god who was associated with fertility and love, Eros. ufabet เว็บตรง was known for inciting conflict and love and also the sly act of making individuals to be drawn into or out of the love of their lives.

Psyche was a gorgeous mortal named Psyche such that people worshipped her instead of Venus. The astonished Venus who then sent her child Cupid to work her revenge. Cupid had to employ his magical arrows to cause Psyche fall in love instead of returning her love. Cupid was shooting his arrows in error, accidentally poked him, and he instantly fell in love with Psyche. Cupid left her behind in search of his new love and was able to catch the glimpse of him and caught him lying.

The two were unable to reconnect, so she went on a journey around the globe to find her love. In the end, she came back home to the homes of the gods, where Zeus pleaded with Venus to be forgiven and gave Psyche immortality. Cupid also received an ambrosia-based drink to give his lover whenever the two fell in love. an immortal woman.

The story of Cupid and Psyche has endured throughout the decades and was widely revisited in literature, music and art. The tale has been told as an example of how love is able to conquer death. This story has been the basis for a variety of fairytales, love stories, and folktales. Additionally, it was frequently used as a subject in imagery in Roman sarcophagi and other extant antique works. It is believed that the Renaissance art-makers Raphael and Michelangelo featured the figure of Cupid throughout their work, because they represented love in all its forms.

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